get rich or die trying to graduate from college

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It’s nice when my Tumblr friends take care of me & look out for me & ask if I’m okay now & again. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :) <3 Mwah!

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If you want to get to know someone, break up with them.


Or have them break up with you. You will learn so much, so quick, in a very painful way.

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When something breaks it does, by definition, hold the potential to be fixed. My heart is not broken. Broken would imply healing. My heart is dead. It is no longer beating. It is simply wasting space in a body, that doesn’t even feel like my own anymore. It is simply getting in the way, muffling my screams as they come from my chest cavity. My heart is dead. j.h. It only took seven boys (via suchhsweettnothingg)
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You told me I was different.

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And my heart still aches at the thought of you. 10 Word Story (via lettersstrungtogether7)
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