Silence can kill a person.

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everyone is telling me
that happiness is a choice
but some nights
sadness is necessary.

some nights are made
for me to listen to sad songs
and think of how every lyric
reminds me of you
and how things used to be.

some nights are made
to sit on the roof and
for every star, surely
i can find something
i love about you.

some nights are made
to make hot tea and
sip it under blankets
while i listen carefully
to every lyric of our song.

some nights are made
to reread old texts
and write new texts.
paragraphs of unsent words
comfort me as i sleep.

some nights are made
to cry uncontrollable tears
over a boy who never cared
and a boy who hasn’t shed
one tear for me.

some nights are made
for all of the sadness
that comes like the ocean:
unavoidable, all-encompassing.
consuming, necessary.

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do you ever get attached to like one line or phrase from a song and it holds so much meaning to you but no one else understands how powerful those few words are to you

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You have to be odd to be number one.

Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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